• Artist impressions
    Convincing still images that showcase your design in a strong composition
  • 3D animation videos
    Bring your design to life
  • Virtual reality
    Experience your design as if it is already there
  • 3D models
    Your ideas translated into a 3D model to build upon

Studio Ravoga a compact creative studio located in the heart of the Netherlands. The name ‘Ravoga’ originates from the Swedish phrase ‘eye of the fox,’ symbolizing an eye for detail and a passion for transforming visions into reality. Martijn de Vos, who shares a last name with the Dutch word for fox, has over 10 years of experience in designing and creating digital visual experiences for architecture, infrastructure, and landscaping projects.

Martijn firmly believes that visualization takes good design to the next level, whether it involves a basic concept sketch or a high-end video animation. The visual content produced by Studio Ravoga aims to tell stories that matter.

Despite Studio Ravoga’s lean nature, Martijn rarely finds himself working solo. He frequently collaborates with designers, 3D modelers, 2D animators, and storytellers to ensure clients receive an optimized end-user experience. Embracing a culture of continuous learning, Studio Ravoga is always in motion.